• Animation
  • Decoration
  • Green spaces
  • Water and drinks fountain
  • Catering management
  • Reception / queue management
  • Accommodation for accompanying persons
  • Bedding
  • Bedroom furniture and accessories
  • Furniture and accessories for living areas
  • Outdoor furniture and fittings
  • Multimedia and communication solutions
  • TV
  • Upholstery textile
  • Communication
  • Consulting in operational strategy
  • Market research
  • Press relations / Public relations
  • IA
  • Analytics
  • Archiving
  • Data base
  • Big data
  • Datacenter
  • Data hosting
  • Connected objects
  • Data security / Cybersecurity
  • Insurance, assistance
  • Bank, financing
  • Consulting firm, audit
  • Grouping and purchasing centers
  • Food / Nutrition
  • Assistance to the person
  • Insurance / Mutual / Providentµ
  • Equipment
  • Management of runaways
  • Products and services for hospitals, senior residences, EHPADs and other housing
  • Architecture
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning
  • Construction, engineering
  • Lighting
  • Energy (energy savings, energy management advice)
  • Sanitary equipments
  • Risk management
  • Walls, ceilings, partitions, automatic and fire doors
  • Parking
  • Flooring
  • Physical security and access control
  • Air treatment, laminar flow, hoods
  • Pneumatic transport
  • Help with clothing: shoe horns, put on stockings …
  • Bath, hygiene: accessories, transfer benches, shower and bath seats, grab bars …
  • Comfort: seats and lift chairs, booster seats…
  • Mobility: walkers, walking frames, canes …
  • Weighing: armchairs, personal scales…
  • Access ramps: fixed, removable …
  • Meal / Kitchen: adapted dishes and cutlery
  • Large button phones and alarms
  • Toilets: booster seats, reducers …
  • Transfers (small equipment): disc and boards
  • Bio-cleaning and hygiene
  • Laundry
  • Products, materials and equipment for hygiene and cleanliness
  • Meal management
  • Laundry, trolleys, shelving
  • Kitchen furniture: trolleys, sideboards, shelving
  • Sterilization
  • Drug circuit
  • Moving
  • Bed management
  • Transports management
  • Pharmacy management
  • Storage
  • Transport and delivery service
  • Operating room
  • Stretchers
  • Medical devices and care equipment
  • Equipment for preparation rooms, sinks
  • Laboratory and biology (equipment, furniture, products)
  • Medical beds
  • Rehabilitation equipment
  • Operating room furniture (cabinets, trolleys, refrigeration equipment)
  • Medical and examination furniture
  • Pharmacy (drug distribution)
  • Robotics
  • Surveillance, monitoring
  • Operating tables
  • Professional clothing
  • Nurse / patient call
  • Authentication, SSO
  • Access control
  • Dematerialization
  • DMP (Shared Medical Record)
  • Digital dictation
  • Medical devices
  • Document management (GED)
  • Medical imaging
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine learning
  • Connected objects
  • Medico-economic management
  • Speech Recognition
  • Patient safety and personal alarms
  • Mobile terminals (medical tablets)
  • Telemedicine (telemonitoring, telemonitoring, teleobservance, teleradiology)
  • Telephony
  • Videoconferencing
  • Wifi
  • Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Consulting and training
  • Skills management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Time management / Planning management
  • QWL / Well-being at work
  • Recruitment
  • Nursary
  • Care management / monitoring
  • Patient protection tool
  • Home Care
  • Hygiene solutions
  • Non-drug techniques
  • Patient transfer
  • Light client
  • Cloud Computing
  • Organization and Information System Consulting
  • Project management
  • Infrastructure and networks
  • Maintenance and outsourcing
  • Multimedia services
  • EHPAD / Retirement Homes Information Systems
  • Administrative Information Systems
  • Decisional Information Systems
  • Medical Information Systems
  • Virtualization
  • Other IT equipment

A concept designed for you

HEALTHCARE MEETINGS is an event conducive to meetings and exchanges, with the aim of being a real business accelerator for your activity.

With more than 1,260 pre-programmed meetings and business lunches, conferences and exhibitor workshops, this meetings has been designed to save you time, allow you to meet your future partners and optimise your network… all in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

HEALTHCARE MEETINGS remains an accelerator of contacts to meet future partners, maintain or perfect your network and exchange on your problems.

Business meetings pre-organised prior to the event, targeted and ultra-qualified between Top decision-makers and Exhibitors
Business lunches pre-organised prior to the event between Top decision-makers and Exhibitors
Plenary lectures
1 welcome dinner to launch the event and establish the first contacts, exclusively between Exhibitors and Top Decision Makers
1 free evening to give you the opportunity to invite your clients/prospects and prolong the exchanges
1 closing dinner exclusively between Exhibitors and Top Decision Makers
A team dedicated to following up appointments during and after the event
French & European Top decision-makers present during 2 days

Key figures

+ 800







Directors/Chiefs of Services
Purchasing, Economic Services and Logistics Department
Department of Care, Quality and Risk Management
Information System Management
Investment, works, engineering, maintenance & equipment department
Biomedical engineer
Buyer and prescriber of solutions / products at the reseller



To find out how to participate and the different offers, please contact our sales department by filling in the information request.

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