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HEALTHCARE MEETINGS allows you to perfect your monitoring through plenary conferences and “solutions” workshops led by experts in your sector of activity.

Plenary Conferences

As a new, unmissable event in the health and medical care market, Healthcare Meetings will offer a number of plenary lectures on a number of topical themes. At each conference, at least 2 end clients will be present.

Exhibitor workshops

Discover the program of workshops organised by our exhibitors. Exchanges and sharing of good practices will be on the agenda during the 2 days of the event.

2024 conferences & workshops

20 November 2024 09:00 to 09:45 L'Estérel conference room Plenary conference

Data, AI and health prediction: challenges and prospects?

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The integration of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector is a major revolution in terms of improving the management and organisation of healthcare establishments. How can AI play a crucial role in predicting resource requirements (human, material, quality of service, etc.)? 

How can it help to improve patient satisfaction and also team satisfaction? 

Through the sharing of experiences, innovations and strategies put in place, we take a look back at this profound transformation, which is shaking things up and offering unprecedented opportunities.  

20 November 2024 14:30 to 15:15 L'Estérel conference room Workshop

Risk analysis of indoor water distribution systems in hospitals EDCH


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The regulations linked to the decree of 30/12/2022 require all buildings open to the public to carry out a health risk assessment by 2029. This assessment must cover all water-related risks, including lead poisoning, the potability of drinking and cooking water, burns and legionnaire's disease, etc.

Good control of the entire cold and hot water production and distribution chain is essential. Taps now play a major role in this control.


Philippe HARMANT

Health Expert – PRESTO – SANIFIRST